SniperSpy Free – Sniper Spy Free Download? Beware!!

sniperspyThe first time I came across the SniperSpy remote spy software. I was very impressed with it. It uses the most advanced monitoring technology that allows anyone to monitor a computer, secretly records chat conversations, web sites, keystrokes and more. Monitor your child or employee’s computer activities from anywhere. It is a powerful PC monitoring software package that tracks and records all information in real time which can be viewed from any computer in the world.

A quick look at some of the posts on forums and blogs on the Internet will tell you that a lot of people are interested in finding out if they can get SniperSpy free. Actually, the publisher of the product does not offer a SniperSpy free download. While you may be allowed to catch a glimpse of how the product runs, you won’t actually be able to test it out yourself. Don’t be disappointed though, because our website offers an exclusive SniperSpy coupon code which, while not allowing you to get SniperSpy free, will give you the opportunity to get the product at a discounted price.

Believe me when I say that getting Sniper Spy free won’t actually do you much good. Sure, some of the websites that offer SniperSpy free download may look safe and legit, but that is far from the truth. If you’re going to download something on the Internet, you need to make sure that you’ll be getting it from a safe and reliable source, otherwise, you may end up paying for it with something else other than what appears on the price tag.

Sure, a simple search online will show you several links that offer SniperSpy free. However, this isn’t true, because these SniperSpy free sites aren’t actually free. There is a very high possibility that you will end up downloading something other than what you intend if you use a SniperSpy free download site. Even if you do end up getting SniperSpy, there is still a possibility of getting something else other than SniperSpy.

Earlier, I said that you will end up paying something else in exchange for your free download of SniperSpy. I meant that literally, because most of these SniperSpy free sites actually come loaded with viruses, spyware, and other kinds of malware that will take advantage of your interest in the software. Once these get on your computer, these malicious software can then wreak havoc on your computer system, even possibly causing permanent damage.

SniperSpy Free Download

By now, everyone knows that the sites that claim to offer users free downloads are actually chock-full of computer viruses and other malware that can and will infect the computer systems of those visiting these sites. Contrary to popular belief, its not just music files that are affected by these viruses; even software, movies, and e-books can also come loaded with malware. Sadly, anti-virus software only provides a modicum of protection from these malicious programs. Furthermore, these free download sites usually don’t have technical support, you’re on your own.

The bottom line is, its not possible to get SniperSpy for free. However, the genuine software, which is available for sale, comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. In a way, this will allow you to get the software for free, at least, if you’re dissatisfied with the program, since you can always get a refund if it doesn’t meet your needs. In other words, you won’t have anything to lose by getting the genuine copy of the software. To make this a better deal, you can also use the coupon code below in order to purchase the software at a discounted rate.
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Here are some features that I think are unique and worth mentioning:

Activity Logging FeaturesRecord The Following Activities For Easy Online Viewing!

  1. Actual Screenshots – Captures a full-size jpg picture of the active window however often you wish.
  2. Websites Visited – Records all website URLs visited in Internet Explorer and Firefox with page title.
  3. Keystrokes in Most Languages – Every keystroke typed into ANY window is logged, including passwords typed.
  4. PC Location Mapping – Logs the IP at each upload to show you physical locations of the PC on a map.
  5. Full Chat Conversations – Records BOTH sides of chats / IMs in Google Talk, Yahoo IM, Windows Live and more.
  6. Applications Executed – Records every application executed by the user including full path and username.
  7. Application Session Durations NEW! – Shows you how long each application was used including start time and stop time.
  8. Automatic User File Uploads NEW! – Uploads an *actual copy* of every document, picture or desktop file changed.
  9. File / Folder Changes – Each time a file or folder changes, the software records the action and the full path.

Live Surveillance and Control Features

  1. Real Time Screen Viewer – SniperSpy allows you to watch the remote PC’s screen like a TV live in your browser.
  2. Real Time Keystroke Viewer – Silently view every keystroke in a separate screen as it is typed in real time.
  3. Remote File Browser with Search – Silently view the entire file system of the remote PC and download any file you wish.
  4. View Active Processes – View a list of running processes on the remote PC. Kill any process you choose.
  5. Launch Application or Web Address – Covertly launch any application or URL in the browser of the remote machine.
  6. Send Message to User – Send a discreet “Message from Admin” alert to the user at anytime.
  7. Reboot / Shutdown / Logoff – Remotely reboot or shutdown the PC or choose to logoff the current Windows user.

Other FeaturesInstall Remotely or Locally and Securely Check Logs From Any Web Browser!

  1. HTTPS Secured Control Panel NEW! – Offers the only HTTPS secured connection in the remote monitoring software industry.
  2. Remotely Deployable – Allows you to install the software from any location using a simple file you create.
  3. Locally Deployable – You can still install to a local computer. Simply run the exe module locally.
  4. Optional Remote User Alert – You select whether or not the remote user will be notified they are being monitored.
  5. Remote System Information – Retrieves system info such as CPU class, memory status, operating system, more.
  6. Top Ten Report Graphs – Displays graphs of the most accessed URLs, applications, web searches and more.
  7. Log Viewing Enhancements – Sniper Spy breaks logs into pages with thumbnails and gives easy checkbox selection.
  8. Searchable Logs – Worried about specific keywords? Type them into the search to search ALL logs!
  9. User Filter – Log viewing screens can show results from all users or results from a specific user.
  10. Remote Uninstall – When your monitoring project ends you can uninstall through the Online Control Panel.

Don’t forget to think about computer security should you download SniperSpy free. For most people, a lot of investment was put into a good computer, which essentially means that the amount you paid to get your computer system is much more than what you will need to pay for a genuine copy of SniperSpy. The choice is yours: to get the program risk-free because of its 30-day money-back guarantee, or grab it for free but risk infecting your computer with a multitude of computer viruses.

SniperSpy is the best remote spy software for 2013 because it has all the basic features + some really cool features that simply blew my mind.

SniperSpy Free Download

Warning: if you search for SniperSpy using any search engine, chances are, you will find links to websites that offer SniperSpy free. Do not get it from these sites. Remember, SniperSpy publisher doesn’t actually offer this as an official option, as SniperSpy isn’t freeware.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I have learned about your website through google searching.At the beginning,I have searched for a software that enables me to hack yahoo and hotmail passwords.Then I have searched for Sniperspy Free Download.I have thought that there your website may offer one month trial.If the customer found your software useful s/he will buy it after the month trial has been downloaded free and it has been tested.Most of the companies offer one month trial free to enable the customer to test the software and will be encouraged to buy it if it has been useful enough to do so.Accordingly,I would ask you to offer customers one month trial.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards


    • Dear Sir,

      Allowing everyone to use the program free for one month means that everyone will use it, and you’ll have everyone running around crying “I’ve been hacked!” Since you’ve readily admitted that you’ve been looking for a password cracker to e-mail accounts — note the plural — it is apparent that you are an unethical person who only wants to steal the information of others and cause harm. The purchase fee helps the company monitor who uses their product as well. No one is going to give you a free software that will make it easier for you to steal from people.

      Best regards,


  2. I’m thinking of actually buying the legit copy. I’m just wondering if they have a limit to how many times you can download the actual program. I have two computers and I want to make a module on one and keep it permanently installed on the other? I wouldn’t know I haven’t bought it yet. But if anyone knows a reply would be appreciated.

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